Sunday, January 20, 2013

when I think of steak and the torture of Peyton


Hey, Peyton.


Something is up. This is not the overexcited child I had expected.

Whatcha doin'?

Reading a book.

Cool. What book is it?

Inside your Outside.

Inside Outside?

No. Inside YOUR Outside.

Is it good?

It's Dr. Seuss.

Oh, I love him. Is this your favorite book of his?

They're making me read it.

They're making you read it?

Her voice goes up two octaves and words begin stringing together and the sound becomes all her breath, Yes. My favorite TV show is on and I want to watch it and they won't let me. They're making me read this whole book.

She hands the phone to Kim.


You are torturing that child.

Yes.   Yes, I am.

Today I am grateful to relax in a couple of phone conversations and laugh with Kim about Peyton's torture.

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