Tuesday, January 15, 2013

stimulating, stimulating weather

I am at Martha's when she asks if I'd like coffee and I answer, I'll actually give you money for a cup.

So we have coffee and it won't stop raining and does anyone out there have drawings for an ark. Because. It is raining and I'm trying to not be complaining.


It hasn't really stopped for the last thirty-seven years and it's even doing it at night with suicidal deer randomly jumping out in front of cars. And yes. I am exaggerating.

Obviously I am complaining about rain.

This is ridiculous since I am now at Martha's and it doesn't matter that it's raining because I have just entered a mind boggling home where I'm sure blood was shed trying to keep this place up. I know I have been here before and am ready for what this place is.

And I am not going to be distracted.

By Ozzie.

Until we see each other and the old flame is rekindled and it's been too long.

I am determined to take good photos of what Martha does but Ozzie loves to be loved and I love Ozzie. I love Ozzie so much that Billy Sue now knows of the love 'cause she could smell him all over me. OzzieOzzieOzzie, that's how he feels.

Wrap yourself in a warm blanket. Whisper, Do you know how much I love you? I love you so much. So much.

That's from Ozzie.

We play on the floor until Martha says, Ozzie get over here.

Then she gives him a treat.

The question posed tonight is when do we believe.

What I love about Martha's art is how you can track what she does. Oh this, this is from those years she and Larry spent in New Orleans when she took classes and played with oils. Over here was inspired from the four years in South America. This, this right here, is an example of her current work.

Martha says always believe.

Today I am grateful for what we learn.

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