Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ruth's Attic

The day we played we chased each other up the steps onto the balcony. 
We looked down and said, Wow.


She told us the building was built in 1875. The columns formed in this town's lumberyard. Wait. It wasn't this building, that building burned to the ground in 1903. This building, the one we were in, was built on those ashes that same year.

Put together with lime and sand.

You chased light while I asked her, How long ago did you move in?

Five days ago. Saturday, no Thursday. Thursday was my first day.

She was nine years old when she started working. That was 1959 when her Dad started moving the family 'cause he kept getting better jobs. She would simply pack up, clean, load, unload, clean again, paint and place all the furniture in their new house. In twelve years she moved her Mom and Dad six times.

She bought this building in October. Less than a week after she signed the papers a huge storm blew through town and she got up at 3am to go see about the place. The seller had said the roof had leaks. What she found when she opened that back door was a wall of water pushing down through the ceiling. 

Now in January she is in business.

Today's music was the inspiration. I woke up singing it, laughing, smiling.

Today I am grateful for the fun we have.


Anonymous said...

Love the pics!! I think you could take a pic of a turn and it would be beautiful, lol.

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