Tuesday, January 8, 2013

report from the take

Dear Jess,

We gave.

This is what we got.

1. The girl's voice again. She's fine and funny and brilliant and every day we hear from her is a gift.
2. An old friend thanked us for our support and we got to say we loved him.
3. Your uncle, my brother, created something for us and it is the cutest possum you ever did see.
4. A photo we shared with four people felt like a break, an exhale.
5. You lost your earring but smiled when you heard your voice.
6. Nan, she screamed, IgotitIgotitIgotit. A special photo of that boy.

We believed.

Last Thursday.

My hands were grating, chopping, slicing. You walked up to me.

Aunt Shea?

Yes, Jess.

Can I ask you a question?Imeanyoumaynotknowtheanswer but, canIaskit?

Yes, Jess, I braced.

If someone sits like this, with their hands like this, you performed a yoga move.
Do they worship a different God?

Here it came. The question to me to you.

Jess, nobody can tell you who God is, nobody can tell anyone. When I was ten years old I went to your Grammie who is my Mama because Jess, I was going to be a missionary. I was dead set on it but worried about that one person I was not going to be able to reach so I asked her about that guy, some little kid in a jungle that I couldn't hug.

She told me when I was ten years old not to worry about that kid because God speaks to everyone's heart.

Jesse. That's all I needed to hear though I've worked on it my whole life. Right now at forty-two years old, after what I've been taught, cause you know I told you that God had been teaching me my whole life. And I keep wanting to learn, Jess. 

At ten I was told God speaks to everyone's heart and the only message that keeps coming is love give love give love give love give.


Today I am grateful for love give.


Chantel said...

This was just beautiful. So true.

Shea Goff said...

Thank you, my friend. It certainly feels true.