Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I don't have the flu and we're going to do this. okay? okay.

It's the fever high and Kim laughs. I should make one of those little posters that says a true friend thinks it's hilarious when your head, face, ears, hair emit heat. It is. I could do a stand up act with this delirium.

Though I think I am supposed to be serious.

Seriously there are at least three angry muscles lining the back of my neck. When I think of those muscles, which I now often do, they are red and inflamed and sticking tiny little pins within themselves.

The good news is the fever broke. Now I am freezing.

I can't have the flu. I don't have the flu. Right now I am writing away the flu

because I have to participate in building a website for a live thing that is happening and I know nothing about a website other than I love this one and this one.  Yeah, I'll take those but different.

This feels important to me.

There is a music here which won't be denied. A festival happening with chairs and blankets on the ground. It's not till May but already a group of people are excited about the possibilities and potential of what they've been hearing. The place is a state park named after a creek. There are bands and line-ups and a young man in charge of music.

When I wonder if this could happen I send Tyler Carroll a question.
His answer is always. always.  yes.

Today I am grateful for what can be, what we dream.

Live music some call pickin' and grinnin' and a guy doing some banjo flippin'. I can't help but smile.

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