Saturday, January 26, 2013

holding breath

When strawberries go to heaven.

It is here you realize the stories become precious, that a picture of a strawberry is not just a picture of a strawberry. It is a picture of a strawberry picked over and picked out. A late season, an import.

If there is one reason I would say I hate the deer ate the strawberries it is because I don't get to deliver any to Annie. I will have to buy some from Lisa and Randy and take them to her on a plate she gave Dad with his very own strawberry cake. Dad, all six foot and something of him who chops his own wood, giggled and hugged and well      

it's      Annie.

Shea, I told that girl at that store that I was going to be in that magazine. She had it right there at the register.

You did?  It was?

Yep. I told her that I had a cousin who was a writer and a photographer and she had taken pictures of my strawberry cake and she had written a story about it and it was going to be in that magazine.


I think this must be one of those times in life you think this will never be good enough. My capacity to place words in an order to form a life of what all I can't explain eighty-one years of Annie.

What did she say?

She said she'd be looking for it.

Oh good.

Yep. I told her it'd be soon.

February March, Ms. Annie.

Is that when?

Yes. I'll bring you a copy.

Her plate. The magazine. Strawberries from Mathis.

In another week you'll be able to buy it. The story, the recipe. What I want to tell you now is that it is not good enough but one day I had to decide at the very last minute on the end of a line in that moment of time it was the best I had to give.

Plus, give me a break. It's Annie.       And a word limit.

Today I am so grateful for the teachers in my life, for how Annie doesn't want to sell you a cake but rather show you how to make it.


Anonymous said...

There is no other like Ms Annie. If you don't know Ms Annie, you are sadly missing a blessing. I consider myself lucky to know her and this town lucky to have her live here. She never refuses to help a person, no matter who it is or the reason the help is needed. She always has a smile on her face and a spring in her step. When God made Ms Annie, He threw the mole away.

Shea Goff said...

Yes, Anonymous. There is clearly an energy named Annie. Thank you for understanding.