Saturday, January 5, 2013

Dear my boy,

Finger bent tucked under a chin. Your eyes are blue.

I look into them now as I say to you, Don't ever forget about the give. What you put out there, it comes back. Remember that.


Shannon makes a statement, a declarative announcement, a creative give into a world of faces. Most do not look. What she is offering is an opportunity to a world.


When you take you are responsible, you must then give.
Who needs another responsibility?

Shannon is sending me something and I, in turn, must send someone else something.
It's crazy and I can't wait. This is fun.

Robert is to my right and Edea sits on my left. Her arm is casted. She has great hair, great eyes and she looks at you when she speaks, This is all him. I don't do any of this.

I smile then laugh. I've been in this recently enclosed carport long enough to know this is a two person operation but then Robert tells me the story and I realize what these two people are doing, where we are sitting, was a creation of a group.

This is Robert's retirement present from Jubilee Mennonite Church in Meridian. A gift his church, or community as Robert can sometimes say, gave him after he taught for thirty-two years.

Both he and his wife are teachers and I feel fortunate to be in this classroom.

Robert, Edea, their church, their community are in a constant state of give and it is working.

Music is playing. The couple is streaming Hearts of Space into the shop and I play as if once again I am at Aunt Beulah's house and Mamaw is getting her grocery list. There is so much to see, stories line the walls and Robert smiles when he talks about all the music they saw live down in New Orleans. Edea smiles and they both tell me about that night with Miles.

I say, Isn't it great when it's happening and you know it's happening?

And we talk and I take photos and it's happening, the give.

It's crazy and everywhere.

So now I have to do the same.

If you would like a small canvas print of any one of the photos seen on this blog then you have to do one thing. Let me know. I'll get Josh to print it and I'll ship it or hand it or leave it under a rock.

How do you let me know? You could leave a comment or email or message in the world of faces or call or however we communicate. On Monday morning I'll have Jesse draw a name out of a hat, sing a song she will write about give and we'll get to work on the project.

Today I am grateful for the beautiful bowl which now holds my keys.

Special thank you goes out to Jess who reminded me to go out and play.

Shannon who inspired me.

The give that is Robert Baldwin, Edea Baldwin and the whole family who is Second Line Pottery.


Chantel said...

I love Robert's idea--and his pottery is simply lovely. (I missed out on his "first five comments" last night) Frustrating that I live so far away! lol And Shea, I don't know how I would be able to pick just one!! (but I would) Should I be chosen. :)

Shea Goff said...

Yay, Chantel! I would love to send you something. Your name is in the hat, my friend.

Anonymous said...

I like the first one, put me in the hat.

Shea Goff said...

You're in, anonymous.