Friday, January 18, 2013


David Foster Wallace wrote a Rolling Stone article about a trip on a bus following a man running for office. It became the single reason I voted for that man. David convinced me in the first paragraph why I should believe him.

What David said is that we are a generation of being sold and we know it. We had watched Saturday morning cartoons between bouts of what we were told we wanted. David had me there so I read on.

Granny calls and yells through the phone, Shea. It's snowing. It'ssobeautiful.You gotta see it.Have you looked out the window?Don't you have to go to work?Are you awake yet?Are you upandatit?

I match volume though it is 7:30am and I did awake before the alarm clock 'cause it is so loud that I am scared it will go off. It occurs to me that I may need pen and paper. It feels like I need to answer too many questions at once, Granny. ohmygosh. I know.Yes.Yes.Yes.Yesup.Noatit.

Here's to Now was a song from the soundtrack of one hundred eighty degrees South. When I first heard that song I was watching that movie and well. It would be okay if you didn't understand.


The one thing I had figured out, or at least I thought I had, was that I needed to focus on now and stop worrying about the past or the future.

The day before yesterday now meant I was confronted with television at the office where I work. There was mass hysteria and breaking news and pressured speech and Daddy says you can't believe anything you read on the internet.

But I think at least I can read it and it's not going to be shouted at me.

Granny calms down a bit, You seen it? You been outside? Isn't it gorgeous? My kids came by today and I danced for them on the sidewalk. In the snow with my flip flops on.

You did?

They hollered 'Granny.'

I bet.

Can you come by and take pictures? Everyone is telling me to take pictures of it. They don't believe it's snowing in Mississippi.

Yeah. Well. I'm not too happy about it. Granny, it is cold. I am spoiled. We've had such a mild winter.

But Shea you should see it in town. My backyard is beautiful. Your Daddy didn't even believe it was snowing. He told me to call and tell you. He said you'd be up.

Oh he did. Did he? I'll get him back but yes, I'll be there.

There is a moment in the movie when one of those guys talks about what it means to be an American, to protect our rights and our land and our freedoms because we were born a nation of distrust, dissonance. That had helped us. It meant we were protective of an idea, a belief that our nation, our land, belonged to us. the people. We are quite possessive of us and what that means.

I wear khakis and a cardigan. I don't own a coat or an umbrella. In the thirty-five minutes it takes me to get to Granny's the snow has melted. I knock three quick times and hear Granny shout from inside, I'm coming.

I take off the lens cap, start shooting, adjusting from the hip. I don't have much time.

I hear the screen door open and close behind me while Granny is explaining, It all melted. It was so pretty, Shea. I promise. Brandi called. I think they got some pictures. She said Todd did.

Oh no. I'm taking pictures, Granny. I'm going to get you a shot.

Well. You don't have to. Like I said, Brandi and Todd, they got some before it melted.

I spot a fence to the back left and start walking toward it in the rain and snow with Granny saying, Shea. You don't have to get wet. Don't worry about it.

I get four bad shots.
I suffered momentarily for this piece of work.
I was shivering, people.

From what I have read the twenty-three points have some reason, make some sense.
This is what I know, or think maybe, right now we need to make sure we read and understand what is happening in our world.
Hostages. What?

Today I am grateful for a commercial.

Last night I asked Mom, Does Dad's computer have audio?
She answered, I think so.
I sat down and went here.
She walked into the room to the sound of a man's voice.
I swear I hate him.
'Cause listen to him. I hate him because I love him. It is so wrong for him to sound like that. He's brilliant and he shouldn't be 'cause. I breathe frustration.

You know what she did?

She laughed.

I didn't even show her this.


Anonymous said...

Hate the way you make me love to read this.

Shea Goff said...

Sad to be glad you loved it.

Thank you, Anonymous.