Wednesday, January 16, 2013

busy body or busybody, confession no. who's counting

Caught the eye


Yes, Officer.

This is ridiculous. I was supposed to be at Annie's at 7am. Add thirty minutes to that and you see me in a gas station parking lot. There is a tall, uniformed man standing behind me and to the left. He is requiring my driver's license and proof of insurance. I have both and am feeling a little pride in not only that, but I can find them in my purse as well. Two stars. I give myself two stars for that one.

Do you know how fast you were going?

Not really but I know I was speeding because I'm trying to get to Ms. Annie's to pick up a cake for a benefit.

A benefit? For what?

My words are coming out like my driving, It's a mother and a kid and the kid is sick and there are some women who put together a sale. And Annie called and said we needed to be there at seven and I was thinking eight and now she's waiting for me.

Hm. He pauses and then, You from around here?

Yeah, I'm talking like I'm putting on some kind of performance, pointing, nodding my head, telling a story with my hands. That he is not putting his hand on his gun is quite amazing.

I live out that way. My Mama and my Daddy and two brothers, their wives, the kids. I've been gone twenty something years, just got back four months ago.

I'm gonna take your license back to my car and I'll run 'em. But I want you to think while I decide if I'm gonna write you a ticket. You hear?

Yes sir.

I want you to decide what is wrong with you that you were needing to drive like that.

I nod big and know what he's talking about as he's saying it.

He walks back to his car.

I look at Billy Sue and realize I had forgotten she was there. She looks up at me with those big eyes of concern, Dude. Are we in trouble? I am concerned.

I can't help but giggle and then whisper, Billy Sue. We can't be messing around. He needs an answer.

We stare out the window, my hands gripping the wheel. It's raining and the road had been slick. I was going fourteen miles per hour over the speed limit. What I did was wrong and I know it. So why? To help a kid and a Mama? Yes. Could I have killed someone? Yes.

Dear, Shea. Slow  down.

The officer walks back to the car and hands me back what I once was so proud of. I could find those.

Well, Ms. Goff. Have you got your answer for me?

Yes sir.

Can you tell me please?

Well you see I am so disorganized.

I notice him looking behind me into the world of backseat explosion of crazy. I don't even have to look at Billy Sue to know she's asking, You think?

I really need better time management skills. I need to organize myself, the things I need to do, so I won't be flying some place where I should be going. It doesn't make any sense to help someone while putting someone else in harm's way.

He smiles, The other lady who I stopped earlier offered me a red velvet cupcake. He says her last name and asks me if I know her.

Yes. I think. Maybe. I'm not sure but I was thinking you could most likely make your way through a few cupcakes and a couple of whole cakes this morning, I laugh.

He laughs. I think I'll be over there to buy something. What y'all are doing is a good thing but you need to slow down.

I know sir. Yes sir.

Today I am grateful for warnings and their importance, the change we can choose.


Anonymous said...

True story, I was a witness to this. Yes, I laughed when I saw the shake down at Archusa, laughed because I knew you could talk your way to freedom.

Shea Goff said...

Happy to provide some amusement, Anonymous. Though I have a secret. I've been stopped for speeding three times in my life and only once have I received a warning.

Anonymous said...

Learnin aintcha

Debi said...

Loved your story!!! You could learn something from John. SPD has pulled him over 19 times in the 16 months since he was licensed and he has never been ticketed. I think the fact that he is a teenaged boy who worked until 2 a.m. probably factors into someof the stops, but that has to be a record.

Shea Goff said...

Doing what I can, Anonymous.

Thank you, Debi. Please tell John that Ms. Shea said to slow down. I hear you guys have ice on the roads up there. Much love and warmth to all of you.