Tuesday, December 18, 2012

write paper. petition.

We want to make sure we do what's right as well.

Adam says, No. Case Closed.

Rick says, No.

Kim says, No.

Dad says, No.

Mom says, No.

Jason says, No.

Madalyn says, No.

Jesse says, No.

Josh says, No.

Priscilla says, No.

Dad says No for Wyatt.

Granny says, No.

Karen says, No.

Francis says, No.

Rusty says, No.

Charlie says, No.

Ben says, No.

Donnie and Sue both say, No.

Seth says, No.

Julie and Keith say, No.

Slater says, No.

I read what Rebecca writes because I respect her as a mother, a fellow woman, fabulousness, her whole family but.

I hate buts.


We can't decide in these moments of absolute brains screaming emotional upheaval.
We can't.
If we learned anything there must be complete thought when it affects our children and grandchildren and even the greats. We love those people so much that we are even right now writing them letters.

And I don't.
And you don't.
None of us want to disappoint them.

So think. hard. about if you want to take the guns out of the lawful people's hands.
because that's who would lose them.
The people I know have guns, more than one.
They are law abiding citizens who kill their meat and feed their families and protect their families as much as they possibly can.

The one thing we have in this country is dissonance. It's a tough thing to have but it also assures we are not under too much control. We know history and are aware of the current state of affairs. How long ago was the last genocide?

There are responsible people who carry guns because they understand the nature of their surroundings. There are some people out there who live out their lives in great moral character, a love of life and family who are scared that we could put this after us at risk, even more risk than we see today.

It's called democracy. It's not always pretty. I don't even have a TV. In this case I couldn't have watched but I like you

out loud

in the form of a question




I know people, lots of people who travel our roads and shop at our convenience stores and camp in our state parks and love, absolutely adore their fellow Americans and live a proper life and raise good kids and live their life as a good example to others and they, those people, say No.

I am willing to explore the subject of why a man would perform a mass killing. I would like to hire House to do the autopsy. Then I would like for it to be emailed to every person on earth. Is there anyone who could make that happen?

I'd read it.

Right now I say No to quick strict gun laws. There are statistics currently which show that previous gun laws have not shown a decrease in crime. The strictest gun laws in this country are where?

Today I am grateful for the opportunity to think after a momentary scream in complete horror. Think about what could possibly cause a twenty year old man to kill other humans, our children, our teachers?

It's not autism so nobody say that.

Legal access to guns? We know the magazine he used was illegal.
Your opinion definitely matters. Let's discuss this.

Update 1: Rick called to tell me that the magazine he used was legal. So I was all, Wait. I thought they said that on NPR when they were talking to some expert. He said what I probably heard was a guy talking about gun laws which ended in 2004 because there was no decrease in crime as a result. Or at least I think that is what he said. He'll most likely tell me today if I am right.

Update 2: Also adding to this post a conclusion in a series on successful mediation. Seems fitting here.

Update 3: This guy is thinking and fact checking and just read it. A thank you goes out to Barry Campbell for leading me to this one.


Anonymous said...

Put me down a no, a big one.

Chantel said...

Last night I talked with my boys at dinner. The absolute truth of it all...laws are only obeyed by law-abiding people.

I asked them, "if we made it illegal to have a gun, would the good guys have guns?" They thought about it..."no."

"Would the bad guys?" To see that dawning thought, that realization in their 12 & 13 year old eyes...

This is about teaching our children HOW to think...not what to think. About connecting the dots of rational thought and repercussions, not hysterical emotional reacting.

Love you for writing this.

Nan said...

Shea,like you said gun laws are only good for those who obey. No law will keep the unlawful from getting the guns. It is sad but true.You have to teach people.That is the only way.And put god back in the schools.

Debi said...

In all seriousness John put forth this theory about the shooter...The guy was not "normal" in the sense that we consider someone to be normal. He lived inside of himself. Killed his mom first--4 shots to the head and then went to an elementary school with little folks. I wonder if he believed the hype that the world is going to end on Dec 21 and didn't want his mom and those young children to have to endure that chaos. It's only a theory but much more believable than using autism as an excuse....

Debi said...

Taking away guns makes about as much sense as banning water to keep people from drowning! I vote an absolute No!

Shea Goff said...

I think that it's hard to think right now but I agree with each of you and you seem to agree with me. A gun is a tool which must be respected. Taking that tool away from a people who respect it's power, it's use, that doesn't sound sane to me.