Thursday, December 27, 2012

what killed Elvis

They are the state lines where signs announce a people's welcome and a short description. There was that whole birthplace of music claimed by Mississippi. Yes, I agree birthplace is stretching it but Elvis was born here in a little bitty room disguised as a house.

They say his daddy almost lost the house or maybe he did for a hundred dollars a year after Elvis was born.

Here he is a year before his Mama died.

Do you see him twitching here, the year he died? It starts when the crowd beats their applause like a train is coming at him.

Can you imagine living up to those types of expectations? That boy had moves, an incredible voice and early on did not seem to be intimidated. But good gosh, those screams, the sheer volume of love could crush someone who didn't think he was enough.

That had to be it. or not.

Today I am grateful to realize limitations, to understand there is energy around hype and that energy can destroy what's within. More than anything else he left I am grateful for what he taught us, what we learned.

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