Friday, December 28, 2012

Thursday evenings

Alma Dunnam's Dining Room where Daddy ate two bowls of chili and two bowls of his special brew.

Dad walks up the steps and into the door carrying a pot which seems half as big as he is, and it's half full of a brew which has been the topic of some phone conversations and at least two previous stick his head in the back door visits from Dad.

Did I have any eggs? What about rice?

I have six eggs, Dad, but just a small amount of organic rice. I don't think you like it.

Well, don't you put rice with your chili?

No, Dad. I ain't ever heard of that.


Seriously. My chili is pretty thick. It stands alone but then there's the cheese, the sour cream, the peppers and crackers.

Well. I eat rice with my chili. I done tried to call yo' Mama two times. She's been gone to the grocery store for five hours.

Daddy, you know she likes her day in the city. She has lunch, reads a book.

Well, she answered the second time. We gone bring some rice and you know I been cookin' on my soup.

I know. How's it goin'?

Well. I had to get that oblong crock pot.

You know you can use mine too.

Nah. I think I got it but thank you for offering the crock pot, Shea.

No problem, Daddy. Love you.

Love you too.



I tasted Dad's gumbo of he never wasted a thing. Of gizzards and livers and necks and whole boiled eggs and ducks and chickens and deer and Daddy, what's that?

My brother Jason ate a bowl and that was my favorite part of dinner. How slow they both ate it. Dad never said much of anything other than to attempt to name what he was eating for the spectators who were watching.

Marlee had snuck to dinner cradled in her Mama's stomach. I couldn't help but wonder what she thought of the food and the conversation and how we smiled and laughed and sometimes my Dad,

he cracks me up.

Today I am grateful for Thursday night dinners and the family who attends.

Slater is coming New Year's Eve.


Chantel said...

They sound wonderful (the dinners) and now I'm hungry. :)

Shea Goff said...

If you came we'd break out the wine, Chantel. They are wonderful.