Wednesday, December 5, 2012

silly, silly humans

Hey, Slater. Help me check lighting, please.

You crack me up.

Slater, this is a serious lighting check. The world depends on this lighting being right. Crucial, child.

Nice, son. Nice.

Okay. That's enough. We got it.

I get to see Slaterbug, the Slatedog. Either one of us could already be enjoying the hot tub. Both of us had the opportunity to leave where we were and go to one of the most beautiful places on earth. Neither did. We can be known to stay up all night, work all day and finally get what one could describe as a bout of sleep.

When we were supposed to leave we had both had it, it being enough going. Each of us knew the other would understand the need to be in total darkness, close our eyes and sleep.

Three hours can change someone's world. I know we're supposed to get eight.


This three hours is the most intense drool ridden climb into the lower levels of a cave that the head is most certainly nestled in the center of the earth. I guess there could be dreaming but we are certainly too tired to see it.

We are Como bound, my friends. A day late because of a nap needed.

Today I am grateful the boy and I got some sleep.

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