Monday, December 31, 2012

luck and money

One name showing possession of the best po boy I've ever tasted.

We have to have the greens and the black eyed peas. I personally do not care when we take our Christmas trees down. There is a message from Granny. She got me some collards out of the garden. The tops, she assures me, look good.

The table will be set with luck and money, a superstition kept because it's so tasty. Granny asks if I'll be  making the tomato relish and I say, No ma'am.  Atop black eyed peas I'd only eat mayonnaise.

Today I am so very grateful to see a movie with my Dad, to put clean sheets on Slater's bed, to prepare a family's first meal of the year.

Happy New Year's Eve, my friends.

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