Friday, December 21, 2012

ch ch ch changes

Resolutions. Revolutions.
We know who we're dealing with here.
Let's call these goals.

Number one. Jesse approved photo in a magazine.

Two. Read twelve books.
3. Publish one.

IV. Get smarter.
      a. Listen

5. Experience New York City with a friend. Eat at Shopsin's.
6. Visit the ocean four times.

Seven. Produce a fruit and deliver it to a friend.

8. Take fifty-two days off of work. Those days will be called going to the creek. If we need to be reminded to let our mind flow so we can follow it, we'll actually go to the creek so it can remind us.

9. Take less photos because the ones we take are going to be better.


Dance more,
love more,
wave more,
trust more,
forgive more,
understand more,
laugh more,
cry more,
learn more,
study more,

be more gentle with ourselves and each other.

Today I am grateful for goals, for aspirations, for the things we have learned along the way.
These lives, we create.


Chantel said...

Loved this.

Shea Goff said...

Well ya know, Chantel, at least part of this post has to be inspired by you. It is a list. ;)