Sunday, November 25, 2012


Sometimes they will reach out from chair to couch, clutch their fingers, look at each other and say in a whisper, I love you. I love you so much.

Billy Sue loves both of you so much.

We all do.

My Dad has this wave, the broken wrist one. Yesterday I used it and finally understood.

His hand flopping at the end of his arm.
He'd stand there and I'd laugh as I backed out the drive.
It came to be our wave 'cause then I began to emulate it.

Last night as Slater and Shelby got in his car my hand flopped at the end of my arm.

And all of a sudden I knew what my Dad meant.

here's what I think.
it's gotta be.
that children come to break our heart.

this is not a bad thing.
'cause with every crack our heart expands.
and our love is able to spread to others.

Today I am grateful for holidays, weekends, time set aside to witness and testify to what and who we love. This is us.


Anonymous said...

There it is again, chill bumps, with a tear or three.

Debi said...

I miss you both so much!!!!

Shea Goff said...

Anonymous, I consider this to be tear duct flushing, kinda like the radiator or transmission of a car. A tear or three can clean the system.

We miss you too, Debi. Slater still has the same number and attends your favorite college. I'll be up next week. We need to have lunch.