Tuesday, November 20, 2012

tigger and eeyore

This place is filled with insecurities, plans of futures where nothing seems certain.
Maybe that's another name for freedom. We can call it that.     sure.

Rusty and Rebecca

I am having a friend over. She should arrive around four, an hour before I get off work. It is tempting to leave a list taped to the door.

Slater and Shelbs.


I'll be home in an hour. While you are waiting please feel free to do any or all of the following.

Plan A
1. Take Billy Sue out. Wave to the horses.
2. Tell Silly you understand.
3. Sweep the porch.
4. Water the strawberry patch.
5. Put sheets on your bed. You'll also need a blanket.
4. Go to town and get coffee.
5. The bottom cabinets on the bar side of the kitchen, can you please clean them out? I've been avoiding them.
6. Drive to Meridian to pick up some wine, whatever you like.

Those two. again.

Plan B
1. Oh forget all that.
2. Just make yourself at home.
3. There is so much to discover.
4. I don't even know where to start.

Jason and Madalyn

I can't wait to hear about him, this guy who makes you smile. I liked him from the very first time you mentioned him, the way you said his name. As a woman I understood it, understand it. It's nice to sit and talk about our men.

Mom and Dad, circa look at all that love.

It feels good to sparkle.

Today I am grateful for my fellow women and the men who love and respect them.
Of course I would love the lovers of this world.

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