Thursday, November 8, 2012

screened in autumn

She walks in with Sam and Scott. They take center stage, and she opens her book to a page behind a colored tab noting a section of her life, their life, our lives.

She reminds me of Kim and my Mom.

The planners of this world. What would we do without them?

We would fall apart so I tease her, Oh   my   gosh. yournotebook.
She blushes, Do you see these two? Their Dad went back to work on Monday.
It comes back, the life of an oil rig wife. Oh I'm so glad you brought them.

Sam is two and he wants an iPad for Christmas.
We'll go ahead and say it.
Sam is more technologically advanced than me.
He rocks and we draw.
Scott is eight, draws as well but he has an iPad which is why Sam wants one.

She has done things that are amazing.
She is amazing, Scott and Sam's Mom.

So here are the questions.

Are Scott and Sam so amazing because their mother is making them that way?


Were Scott and Sam born amazing and were able to maintain such a state because she realized it?

Maybe those questions are one in the same.

Today I am grateful for a quiet, a stillness, a time to think about what feels important.
Today I am grateful that it won't be long till Slater is home.


Anonymous said...

MEGA pixels, thats a compliment, u git it ?

Shea Goff said...

Yes, pixels. I get it. thank you.

Shannon said...

Loved the story...or was it a story? Because they had their Mom recognize what was in them, gifts have to be nourished.. Gah, you made me think to hard! Shannon (shanny shack)

Shea Goff said...

Hey, Shannon. Thanks for the follow, chic. I love what you do.

The story? I once told my son all stories have truth.

Your answer is beautiful. I think it is one of those questions where our answer defines us so I guess that means I imagine you to be a beautiful Mom.