Sunday, November 18, 2012

rsvp, a Mississippi town

Yes, he's usually carrying a knife. in his hand. just like that.                       no. not really. don't be silly.

I always wanted a movie theater. It was the big draw in moving Slater to Senatobia when he was six years old. A small town that got all the good stuff. Between education and Tobie Town cinemas I couldn't ask for much more. Add a railroad track, a creek not far from home, stores which wrap your presents, the puppy chow from Penny's, troop seventy-seven and we had ourselves a nice town.

He just wanted trees so we found a place where they surrounded the yard. 
I've wondered about the ginkgo, if Debi got some photos.

Then I remember, lest I forget, the gorgeous little awesome where everyone loves Como.

There was Como. 
The gallery, 
the steakhouse, 
the courtyard
the grocer, 
those boys.

I am going back to visit Como in a week or two. 

Today I am so very grateful for what and who we find when we walk out our doors.

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