Thursday, November 29, 2012

inhale. exhale. repeat.

She stops breathing. Or wait. If we're going to get technical here then we may say that the only breath leaving her body takes the form of a rapid, cycling speech.

Whoa, I think. I've seen this before, what could be viewed in some parts of hospitals and some parts of the world as a panic attack, anxiety performed as an extreme sport.

This is when I like to play doctor though I'm not.

When things come that fast they come in words disconnected, disjointed, you can only hear subject and verb.


Me, a witness to a testament, You know what?

She stops fast too.

Silence, a look of who     are   you.

Then, What?

You stopped breathing.

Here it is.
A breath.

Then rapid but less so. Sentences and fragments.

Doctor said.
I passed out three times.
Kicked my old man out.
Kids at home.
I need this.

First things first. Breath.

Her shoulders slump. She leans back. There it is.

another breath.

We got this.

It can get a little crazy this time of year with this much pressure to maybe spend money we don't have in order to please someone that just always loved a hug, a here we are and there are you, a phone call, an old coat we don't wear anymore, a smile, an I haven't seen you in a while,

how's it goin'?

The tree will go up or it won't or it already has or maybe it never will. Whatever it does it's okay. If we learned anything we learned Jesus understands.

Yes. We have to spend money in order to keep the wheel turning but I hope we at least think about doing it in our country first. Not that I don't love the world. I do. I love other experiences, other people, other landscapes, other cultures, other customs, but I think by being an example we can help everyone that much more.

Spread the love as far as you can.

Only if you have extra money would I suggest you start here or here.

Today I am grateful to have learned that in order to take care of someone else we must first take care of ourselves.

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