Friday, November 9, 2012

give away

If you find the above item you get a shopping experience of  a lifetime.

If you meet the man who made these.
You get to shake the hand of a really cool guy.

If you see The Shanny Shack.
You may have the oppoturnity to meet an extraordinary woman.
Her sister gave her her business cards.
Tell her to tell you the story.

If you see this chic.
You get to revisit your old cabbage patch doll and realize where she ended up.
You need to go get your old cabbage patch doll. What was her name? Mandy?

Anybody read The Velveteen Rabbit lately?
We feel guilty, don't we?

There is a nipple in this photo.
I don't know if you see it, but I do.
The only reason I remember it is because I was told of it's use.

If you see this.
You may be gifted with a speed of light.
She is running it like Lisa does.
What she sells is reminders for kids and parents alike.
Laugh. Smile. I Love You. I Love My Daddy. First Birthday. Peace. Keep Calm. Eat a Cupcake. I live in my own little world. It's okay, they know me here. (I actually had this shirt until the holes and tears and bleach stains overtook it)

If you see this guy.
You know he's coming soon.
Do you ever think? I just need one day to get it all done.

This is where I plan to do it.

Today I am grateful for the people and the things of my hometown.
It's great to even say, my hometown.

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