Monday, November 5, 2012

dear Santa,

So you've been watching, huh? I won't complain since it seems like I was always looking for an audience. My niece, Jesse, she's the same way. Peyton, Kim's niece, yep, her too. I figure on a relative scale where a murderer is a ten and Mother Teresa is a one, we're at least under a four.

Of course all the judging is up to you.

We could have given more. It's something we learned.

There were times when we were not the kindest human we could be. There is kinder, we know. We think it's good to realize we can always improve.

It's just that if you are in the gift buying/making/however you do what you do mood I found a few things I like in the town of Quitman.

You most likely know this already. I'm sure you see those people too. There's two cousins, a friend from high school, the lady from the bank and the retired military lady who looks like she couldn't be a day over twenty-four. They and the others have some great gifts. I know you agree.

Okay, yes. I did sneak in there the other day before they opened. I did ask, Can I take some photos? and that guy said, Yes. It could have been that two cameras around my neck gave me some kind of clout.

Okay, yes. When thinking of Slater at college and the cameras and the home and food in the fridge and family nearby you could wonder why in the world would I ask for more.

I really shouldn't.

It's just that I have this newfound or newly restored love of light fixtures, which when you think about it makes sense since I chase light. 

Just sayin', Santa.

Of course there are books. You know how I love those.

And you know that I know you'll want to do some scrapbooking just to do what this woman does. 

Yes, she is fantastic.

In fact, going there ended up being just as much about those people as it did the gifts for which I was searching. Local artists, local small businesses selling for just two months. You have to admit, Santa, those prices, they are good.

While you're there it won't be hard to shop for others.
I promise.
Peyton and Jesse, they may like the tutus.


Today I am grateful for the very cool, very creative people of this area.


Anonymous said...

Resplendent, I think thats the way it's spelled.

Shea Goff said...

Fancy word, Anonymous! Thank you, it's nice.