Monday, November 12, 2012

dear Marlee,

We are told we are doomed.

But I think we just don't want to fight.
with/at each other.
at our breakfast tables.
within our homes.

I'm excited for us, Marlee. I think you will help us.
Make peace with each other.

You are fantastic but I shouldn't say.
What I want for you is the freedom to be all you can.
How could I even imagine that?

You're not here yet.

You see that boy? He's your Dad, my brother.
That girl? Your Mom, his wife.
In the begats these two beget you.
You took photos when you were still nestled in your Mama's womb.

You can hear us now or that's what we've been told.
Do we remember those things, do we even know?

If you are listening, Marlee. We want to tell you we love you.
Everyone of us, every last one, we love our future.
That's what you are Marlee, in this park.

Those are some big shoes to fill. They are your Mama's.

Your Daddy has some paint on his because today he painted your room.
A pale pink, light streaming through windows.
In the mornings you'll be blushed.
I'm already thinking about that photo.

But wait, Marlee.
I don't want to think too much.
'Cause my thoughts of you could be wrought with expectation you don't need.

just know.
how much we love you.


Today I am so grateful for what appears to be a very promising future.

A special shout out gratitude goes to Madalyn on this one. What was she? creative director, administrative assistant, customer liaison, lovely lovely Madalyn. Thank you, Madalyn for everything you were.

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