Wednesday, October 31, 2012

we whisper at night

It could be that in order to find my own voice I need to get alone and be still and

struggle and begin to hear those thoughts of you can't do it and

miss you and hope this will end soon and then

look up and calm down and relax and know

this is but a single speck of dust in time.

If I had kept worrying I would have missed it.

Who was it that said, Stop acting like you're Atlas carrying the world on your shoulders. It will keep turning with or without you.

Today I am grateful for the sky and the night and the moon and the time and the eyes to notice them.


Anonymous said...

Very, NICE... I bought one of them super duper Nikons with the crazy lenses a couple years ago. Everytime I pick it up I MASH one of them buttons, cuss a little or a lot then say #@%* IT, shots gone away. Looks like you got those buttons figured out.

Chantel said...

They're all lovely and mysterious...but the first is my favorite. :)

And yes, with or without us.

Shea Goff said...

Thanks, Anonymous. You are incredibly kind. The only thing I am doing different than you is mashing all the buttons, turning the dials, and refusing to give up. I am familiar with the #@%* IT language.

Funny, Chantel. That shot was an accident and my favorite as well. Is it strange that the with or without us calms me?

molly hawkins said...

love the house shot and the single speck of dust in time thought - so true