Wednesday, October 3, 2012


From the pier. 

Maybe we're traveling too fast as if nobody has time to read novels disguised as bills on how we'll take care of ourselves and each other. Almost as if it is a wasted day to comprehend what our future may look like. We all agree. There is some brokenness, at least three cracks in the glass. It is a self fulfilling prophecy of we are flawed. The best you can do is the best there was and we became a forgiving sort.

I become impatient with expectation. Maybe we are moving too slow with time blanketed by a mountain of distraction. We look for people to focus, surely they'll be younger, smarter and what was I saying.

We are not created equal.
We do not give or take in an equal way.
Any system that attempts to equalize us will go against our very nature and fail miserably.

Today I am grateful for the right to vote though I must admit I am a little lost on how all of this is going to work out best for everyone involved.


Chantel said...


nan said...

Shae,I love the pictures! Great story too.

Shea Goff said...

It is quite frustrating, Chantel.

Thank you, Nan. I'm glad you like them.