Wednesday, October 24, 2012

the there report

Down there.

The things we threw out the window were ones we deemed unnecessary but sometimes it can be hard to choose so we held onto the things we believed could not get any better. but then there was always better. right? I don't know. It began not to matter.

I think that is when it started.

It is not easy spending time with some   one in a confined space.
We already had ourselves for whom we had to contend.
That can keep some    one rather busy.

I am sitting on his steps, my knees pulled up close.
It is Autumn,
one of those after summer redeeming mornings.

I hear the door open.


You are close, standing behind me.
I say nothing and wait to see what will happen.
You bend down.
I think maybe you'll kiss the top of my head,
give me a hug.


Then I feel it.

My upper right shoulder,
then across the back.
I hear it too so I look not knowing exactly what you're doing.

Then I laugh.

It is one of those tape roller lint thingies and you explain I have dog hair on my shirt.

What a sweetie.

Today I am grateful for those things that make you        you. They are nice.


Chantel said...

Such sweetness exists in those moments...

Anonymous said...

Funny as hell, kinda nasty sexy tho...

Jamie said...

Sweet :)

Shea Goff said...

Hi, you three.
Sweetness in moments, yes.
Funny, yes.
Nasty Sexy? Maybe he would agree.