Friday, October 5, 2012

state of the animals

The day I left to go to Perdido.

The horses know I fear them. This, I guess, is the worst thing you can do. Let a horse know you fear them. but how could you not. I mean, let's be serious.

1. A horse is bigger.
2. A horse is heavy.
3. A horse can kick you (most likely like you've never been kicked before).
4. If they ever get you in a horizontal position, quite easy for them actually, just close your eyes and ask for forgiveness 'cause that's your last moment. some people live through that but they're not near as quick post stomping.
4. To me they don't look dumb.

Let's face it. the horse knows he has you in a fight.
So do the crickets, the frogs, the flies and mosquitos, a few lizards. They all make popcorn and come for the movie. I hear there's some Vegas line but nobody has money on me. so really it's not much of a bet. I don't even walk into the ring.

The horses know so I don't get in the fence. I just wave and say hey from the porch.

Claiming Silly is like having a puppy. That cat attacks me every time I walk out the door. And you know he's gonna want in and it's the only thing Billy Sue has on him. It's drama. Who needs a TV?

But Billy Sue. I almost lost her. To Josh. It was like she wanted to go home with him when I got back from Perdido which means she sucks as a loyal dog. Three years, Billy Sue, I said, Day in day out. It's been us. There have been doctor visits, medications, baths every two weeks, nail trimmings, food especially what I drop on the floor when I'm cooking, good music, your own bed, roof, floor. Chauffeured rides, Billy Sue. Remember those?

I forgave her and she stayed but not before looking all sad that Josh was leaving. (he most likely drugged her)

Today I am grateful for the family of animals around me.

Billy Sue just started snoring.

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