Sunday, October 21, 2012


Where did I listen/read the story of the Grecian woman working for free?
Was she working for the government?
The Germans had come in and said, Yo.Greece. Look. You've been lying. You gotta get real. You're in bad shape financially, your investments are shot to hell, you suck at budgets, spending like crazy. Let us show you how.

Not only did Greece have to let people from the European Union come in to write and then read them their books, they also had to finally concede to reality.

Was that This American Life?

We are in a library with shelves of toys.
You are at a desk next to me reading about collapse.
This blog has advertisements, look how many comments.
I smile. It's okay. We all have our jobs, in the good ones we sell our souls. Sometimes for nothing.
You look at me like I have no idea what I am doing. You're most likely right.
It's okay. It's what we had to give.

That's a beautiful kitchen.
No. no, it's not.
You look at me.

It needs food, flour on the counter, fresh fruits and vegetables and onion and garlic. It needs music.

Your million dollar truck sits in the yard.

You finally leave the room at three something.
Kelly Joe Phelps is singing Wandering Away, familiarity in a strange place.
I       miss      you. and I love you and I don't know why this doesn't work and we're both confused. Me, shamed by earlier need. you, you wishing you could feel something.

You know I get lost.

To David Rakoff in the hopes he gets rest however he needs it.
In a world I dream
     people like that can never be gone forever.

Today I am grateful for all the time we gave each other to think. I appreciate the careful us.

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