Saturday, October 27, 2012

moonrise kingdom

Wes Anderson is not one of those people I would like to sit with on a patio, on a spring afternoon, sharing a pitcher of margaritas, munching on chips dipped in fresh salsa.

I do not take airplanes because
1. Air travel is not economically feasible for me at this time in my life.
2. I'm not all that interested in visiting other places right now.
3. Wes Anderson might be on the plane. He could be sitting next to me.
Reason three is why if I do choose to fly I will wear a parachute for the just in case.

California is scarier than Mississippi because you are more likely to pass by Wes Anderson on the sidewalk in California. He could go to the same gym as you. What if you saw him in the grocery store? Please. no. say it isn't so.

I hope nobody wears a Wes Anderson costume for Halloween because it is possible that I would open the door, see the costume, scream and slam the door without giving away any candy even though I bought the candy for the purpose of giving it away. Wes Anderson could ruin Halloween for a kid who simply liked his movies.

If Wes Anderson called me on the phone I would hang up immediately and start screening my calls. This would be sad since I sometimes enjoy having interesting conversations with telemarketers.

I am here to say I love Wes Anderson too much. I couldn't talk around him. I would transform into a catatonic but drooling version of my former trying to do better than that self. Why? Because he is genius at wrapping a world in brown parchment paper and leaving it at your door. Always, it seems, there is the sweetest note penned by his hand and taped underneath. What he sees is inspiration to me, and the only thing wrong with watching Moonrise Kingdom is knowing now you have to wait till he creates his next masterpiece.

Today I am grateful for people who so generously share what they see.

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