Thursday, October 18, 2012


Country Road by Josh Miller

Today I am grateful for long dirt roads taken slowly.
Your favorite music blowing in the air coming through the window.
A porch with tiny white lights.
The clearest sky we've ever seen.
I turn to you, lean in and whisper, Did you ever see so many stars in your life? Who knew?
You tilt your head into mine and say, Yes. Me.

Then and there I realize how much I want, no. wait. need, I need to believe you.


Chantel said...

I love this dreamy painting...almost as much as I love stars.

And a message on fb dear, lol--for all this technology, I certainly fumble about a bit, don't I?

Shea Goff said...

I am a huge fan of that guy's work. Glad you love it.

And yes, of course, those stars.

I didn't get a message from you on Facebook. Surely there is no other Shea Goff. ohmygosh. is there? Is she in Mississippi as well? I have a doppelganger in name only? or is she more similar than name?

stop me, please.
anyway, you may have messaged the wrong Shea.