Saturday, October 13, 2012

game on

It is an intertwined play.

Scene one.
I am scared to touch the ingredients so I relax by locking the door and turning on the music.
The celery looms, 
the shrimp thaws, 
the crab claws, 
pepper grounds, 
a hen submerged while broth is made. 
Tomatoes leer, 
onions sneer, 
I promise it will be there tomorrow. 
Thank goodness the secret ingredient has a sense of humor. ha.

If you want to come then you'll have to phone Mom. 
For some reason she's not answering the phone when I call.

Scene two.
He is a hurricane and introduces himself as a dreamer. It's obvious he's also a thinker which is something you would like in your mayor. City hall is a strong gust of wind swirling into plans, maps, articles, information, hope, two lakes, a river. It's refreshing to hear a leader care. 

We got past the handshake before we even met.
I think I may have been presented an opportunity.
After three hours of that man you realize you don't know what happened.
It's a good strategy yet you get the feeling it's not a game.
It's him and I respect that.

Scene three.
I'm wearing my Tilley hat. It got Slater and me through both New Mexico and Sipsey Wilderness.
Watch out, Jason. 
Game on.

Scene four.
Both gumbos great, the fellowship divine.
Or I don't know.
I'll report back here tomorrow.

Today I am grateful for the way we play.

One more song since it's Saturday. 
These guys played in Memphis last night. 
If you went to the show I don't want to hear about it.

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