Friday, October 12, 2012

friday's report


Wood and tin make squares above me. The most recent cool snap was just a tease. Silly found her a place under the floor and Daddy was caught giggling. I think it's the party.


The Marlee Party.

I hope forever it's name will be The Marlee Party. where friends and family come to meet. There will be a sideshow, a guy in overalls and trees galore. Hanging lanterns, pumpkins and hay. The CD Priscilla made Madalyn.

The music starts at exactly four.

People will travel. upper torsos squeezed. A pond, a fire. there will be s'mores. The gumbo? I don't know. I think I have a recipe. just find it hard to follow. Jason has already started and his mouth curves right up into his cheeks. Not hearing much from Josh but don't take it personally.


We may have overheard this.

She's fine. Everything is fine. It's gonna be alright.

Mama, I promise that's it. I won't invite any more people.
Mama, I have something to tell ya'. I invited someone else.

Oh gumbo ain't nothing. It's just a soup.

The mayor wants to see ya'.

Fish camps got the feature in February and March.

We like it. We're submitting.

I'm tired too, Mama. I hope tonight we get some sleep.

I think you'd call that there proof of God.

It's like everyone leaves the room, and he turns to see me grinning at him. I love you, Uncle Buck. A requisite family torture.

Don't put us through it.

You're good at decorating.
You're unorganized.
If it's human, this need to feel superior I opt for the lower rung.


I love you.


Listen, Kim. I need you to bring something when you come.
I'm serious. Also, could you do it like you do everything else? Put the huge pot in a gift bag with tissue and a bow.
You're not a real friend. I've always wondered about you. Now I know.
I'll buy you gumbo and bring it. Find a place in Memphis and I'll pick it up.



Kim, There's a guy named Pete at Highland and Park.
It's a grey house. He'll be in the backyard.
Look at the ground. Avert your eyes. Seriously. No eye contact.
More laughter.
Seriously, Kim. That's where you're picking up the gumbo. Why are you laughing?
You're a nut.
That's not what friends say to each other.
I'm bringing gumbo dip as an appetizer, got the recipe off Pinterest. I'm gonna kick both your asses.
Bye, Kim.


Today I am grateful for smiles and cutting of eyes, for questions unanswered and the answers we wanted.


Chantel said...

Pete sounds like a was the gumbo?

This was a lovely read...

Shea Goff said...

Well Chantel, you know any character I make up in my head is gonna be of the not so normal type.

Jury is still out on the gumbo but I'll be sure to let you know.

And thank you, my friend.