Friday, October 19, 2012

ebb and flow

I shake my head, No. I don't understand.

He was hoping I would define him. 
or no. 
he wasn't.

under the bridge in Perdido Key, FL

The games we played in our head.
He was never looking for anyone to understand.
or wait.
maybe he was.

downtown Meridian, MS

I stood barefoot in dirt and cried.
got mad at myself for crying.
dropped to my knees.
looked to the ground and said,

I became submissive.
to what?

gumbo by way of toll Orange Beach, AL

I thought I needed to understand us.
He said, Care less.
It's not that I don't love you.

Meridian Museum of Art




It's just that you are always going to be who you are, whoever that is you decide it.

Mathis Farms. Clarke County, MS

Now sit back, relax.
Let me look in my bag of goodies.
I think I found it.
Performance started.

Renee's School of Dance Quitman, MS

Today I am grateful we are here.
though a day may not turn into what we thought.
                  we still had it.

what we started. oh. yeah. that was me. sorry.


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Shea Goff said...

Hi, you two. Sometimes it can get scary to get this personal and emotional and I should be stronger and don't let 'em see ya' sweat and I should only project good thoughts into the world and so many people have problems to where I know mine are simply minuscule.

But then there are those days I just have to say and then it goes away.

Thank you for listening/reading/seeing/whatever this is/it is great.