Tuesday, October 2, 2012


She is careful, methodical. One at a time she drops them into the jar. We can only imagine the sound of hard shell meeting thick glass before it is complete. Holding her work up to the light, turning it this way and that she decides to pour them out again. start over.

If ever anyone needed this I would say it would be her.

She spends her time trying to capture something, a feeling, a rest, a peace.

It is the beach, a long uninterrupted sleep. A lovely occasion she is required to repeat.

One shell at a time in a tall glass jar. We smile when we realize they are her flowers from the beach.

Today I am so very grateful to have access to something she needed.


Anonymous said...

That's some good stuff. Love the sunrise

Chantel said...

*sigh* You capture the beach in your lens so beautifully...I can nearly smell the sea.

Shea Goff said...

Thanks, you two. I do enjoy sharing it with you.