Saturday, September 8, 2012

why so serious, Mr. Bishop?

Two meetings with two others and two more miles before I walked into the place. 
This could be how we met.
You were suspicious, something I didn't expect.
I got a ham and cheese omelet.
You got a serious look on your face.
Dirtied black and white tile, James Dean on the wall.
Faux chrome, a love nuanced.
You're the type of person to get under another's skin.
When the personality is so big there is no need for diamonds.
Somebody once told you you were not enough.
It seems you're set to prove it.
From what I can tell it is why I came but maybe not. We'll see.
It's only our first meeting.

Today I am grateful for a steady flow of work, an everything we need is out there.


Anonymous said...

Nice n smooth

Shea Goff said...

thank you, anonymous.