Monday, September 10, 2012

what's hot, what's now, what are you reading, Madalyn?

Madalyn said, The creek royalty blog of course. It is awesome!

Nobody asked me if I wanted popcorn.

I know what happened. The husband and wife team who were turning their homegrown corn into white fluffy kernels of oh there's some sweet, oh wait is that salt perfect combination of both (that's what Madalyn said), they saw me, turned to wink at each other in a there's our perfect model nod and then turned back around to ask me if I wanted a bag of free popcorn. When they did it was Madalyn, who was right behind me and standing directly in front of their booth. It was awkward, that moment when I felt like they wanted to say something to me but Madalyn was right there and they didn't want to hurt her feelings. Such nice people and I understand. Though I don't think those people should feel responsible for Madalyn's self esteem. Her worth should come from within, but I'm glad they were concerned enough to give her, ya' know, a little boost. They probably figured I'd eat some of her popcorn anyway. Then people would see me eating the popcorn at the farmer's market and be all, look at that woman eating that popcorn, I want to be just like her, where can we get some of that popcorn so we can be her? I'd say, I got it from over there. Then I'd point at the couple at the booth as they were standing there waving and smiling and transaction complete.

Actually I thought they were just giving Madalyn a bag of free popcorn to taste and she was supposed to give it back.  The whole scene looked ambiguous. Madalyn even asked, Is it free? Their response was a nod, shrug, look away then at each other, weird. I guess it was a yes 'cause when Madalyn walked away with the bag of popcorn they were just smiling at her. I looked at the pricing board and then asked them what size Madalyn had just bought with her braided hair to the side, tank top, cute little bag, great smile. Small, they said.

Madalyn got my free popcorn and they got a homegrown model for two dollars.
In the end everything worked out as it should 'cause I wouldn't have done the job for less than $3, the price of the medium.

Today I am grateful that Madalyn reads my blog, or at least pretends to while I take her picture.

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