Friday, September 21, 2012

the making of an article, Mathis Produce

Okay, ladies. Let's go ahead and get it out in the open. This guy is kinda hunky. I'm sorry. but he is.

Randy Mathis, part Terminator part pea sheller

If I had the know how to put audio on this baby I could charge for dates and buy me a yacht, but then I think that's illegal. All I'll say is he talks like one one hundredth of our men. I've done a study and one of a hundred southern men speak with a slow syrupy stand up bass in an early gospel song sweet loves his Mama type of calm that well. it's good we don't have audio.

Then there is his sister Lisa. I smile every time I think about a conversation we had.

Me: I have to get a picture of you and Randy together. Maybe in the strawberry patch. What do you think?

Lisa: Yeah. That'd be good.

Me: There's one thing I'm thinking though.

Lisa: What?

Me: You need to have dirt on your face.

Lisa: What? (a different what, more like are you crazy what)

Me: Lisa, you could roll out of bed and look beautiful, but there's so much physical beauty. It's on every corner. The first time I saw you you carried a pallet bigger than you across the floor. You gotta show people how you get dirty.

It only took a little more persuading and finally she agreed as long as I let her see the picture before we decided. We'll see, and I'm fine with that.

Yesterday morning this was all I got.

Siblings of the most get along kind.

Just for you in the development of a story stage I'll show some more shots.

He was shelling 'em for his Mama. I know. Stop it.

Baskets of everything everywhere

Mom says this batch is really good.

For all you Arkansas fans out there.

Billy Sue thought she found a cousin.

How Lisa sees it.

If you asked, Do they have everything?
I'd say, Pretty much.

It's a slush. Whoever even heard of such?

Don't you think places like this are our true gems of the world? At least one of them. Surely.

'Cause you were like, What about another photo of the pea shelling?
And I was all, Okay just one more.

In the ongoing am I an adult child or child adult that could happen if you return after twenty years to your hometown my Mom is thinking, I wish she could be professional, while my Dad has just grounded me from the computer.

Today I am grateful to have spent at least some of my morning seeing a small part of what Lisa and Randy do.


Nan said...

Shea,the whole south is going to want some of those peas and peaches! They look great.

Shea Goff said...

I hope so, Nan.

Thank you and I love you.