Thursday, September 6, 2012

the list

Clarkco State Park

Daddy is on the prayer list. When I first saw his name among the fifty others it concerned me. I had just seen him that day and he looked fine working on Mom's stained glass window. Then I realized it. The whole Church is praying for Daddy's soul, praying that he'll come to Church.

Now you and I both know I just couldn't get up in the middle of service to run home and tell Daddy what was going on, though it was tempting so I started imagining ways to let him know. You know what a smirk feels like? I was feeling all smirky.

There are at least two ways to look at this. One being when you need it there is no better place to find yourself than on a Church's prayer list. Those people have tapped into a pipe which leads to a particular pool of hope, conjoined wishes, a shared meditation of we really want this. I have two cousins who are on that list for some serious physical ailments, some bad things happen to good people type of stuff. There is a low hum chant within me continuously wanting some healing for them. Going to Church on a Wednesday night and seeing that at least the seven other people there are doing the same thing was comforting. Surely together our wants carry more weight.

Another way to look at this is if you're not physically ill and well the only thing that could threaten Daddy's health is some doctor giving him a prescription is that people praying for you to come to the same building they do in order to have a good, working relationship with who they've named God is like asking Dear God, please let everyone be like me. As far as I can tell God was never in the business of building robots. I always thought God and Daddy were doing their thing.

I went to Church on a Wednesday night to see if that building still contained what I remembered as a child. Brother Henry has since died. Brother Leland retired. Still you can find some good loving people in that place. When they asked me if they would see me on Sunday I just laughed and said, Well I know if I don't come y'all gonna put me on that prayer list with Daddy. 

One thing I remember Brother Leland used to say is that there was a particular way to pray and after the appropriate salutations you should begin giving your thanks. Only after that should you consider asking for anything. If you, my reader, make it past all the gratitude then I'm pretty sure my cousins wouldn't mind a mention. You need not worry about Daddy or me.

Today I am grateful to have found it is fine to be who we are, whoever we think that is.

Oh yeah, when I went to Mom and Dad's house after Church Daddy met me at the door telling me I had driven too fast up the driveway and that's when I told him that he needed to be more worried about himself since I just found out he was on the Church prayer list.

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