Thursday, September 13, 2012

the call

He says relax and I tense up in a type of masochistic rebellion as if someone discovered common sense and it was the most intelligent you could do but I didn't test well.

Why do I do this?
He pauses like he tends to do. Some may say he's waiting for me to finish the sentence but it's much more fun to do it this way. The fact he is still around trying to complete sentences and sometimes failing miserably is kind of a nice thing to do. We are what I like to call pretty cool.

We are on a phone. It is the call. Sometimes late, sometimes early but always daily barring an emergency which means if he doesn't pick up the phone one day and still hasn't called me back by the next then I start freaking out. I turn on the sirens, the flashing lights, shine a bat in the sky because something is up. People who live alone do well to have a phone.

Break here to acknowledge my mother's request that she be my special call friend. I told her not to worry since we talk everyday anyway. Well I shouldn't have to find out you're dead from Rick. Then I tell her I figure Daddy will smell me from the road. Then we both replay the last couple of sentences in our heads and walk away awkwardly but I can't help but giggle since that's a funny thing to say to your Mom. Well, Mom probably doesn't think it's funny.

You can't get to a certain age and live alone and not go into one of those jobs where you need to see someone everyday and not have a call buddy. This person is very important in your life. They are a good friend. Some good friends have partners, roommates, kids, husbands, wives, a parent to be their call buddy. In order to obtain a call buddy not listed in the previous sentence you will need to walk by a park, join a game of touch football and then tackle a stranger. Not literally but that's at least metaphorically how I found mine.

Sometimes I wonder if he wonders what would have happened if he had decided not to go play touch football that day. Well of course he does. The fact he still answers the phone after thinking about it is one of those things that make us pretty cool.

Today I am grateful for my call buddy.

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