Sunday, September 16, 2012

silly the ghost

Is this how it starts, Silly? Are you creating a woman with the fifty cats syndrome?

Today I hope for you a dog at your feet, a cat in your lap, two solid hours of whatever you never knew you needed, a swing on a porch, a breeze, your favorite music, a drive, two smiles and a wave, a hi. how are you?, a wink, a ribbing, big plans or medium sized ones, silence, the first time you watch what becomes one of your favorite movies, a kiss on the cheek, a pat on the back, someone to say you did good, a like, a game of golf, the first pages of a lovely book or a dirt road with a little gravel.

No matter really.
I just hope it's nice.

Today I am grateful even more than yesterday and if you'd asked me then I would have said, Impossible with an exclamation point.

I am grateful for you.

Have I told you thank you?    not nearly enough.

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