Wednesday, September 19, 2012

prickly pear patch

In the ongoing debate of does your mind ever stop Slater and Josh take the same side. Two against one does not scare me but I still wonder if it is true. Is there ever a time you stop thinking? Still the mind always sounded like a fallacy to me.

What are you doing, Aunt Shea?

I am watching the light, Jesse.

What's light?

I take the camera from my face to my chest, look at her, Jesse, what is light? Think about the question you just asked.

She makes a face of which I should take a photo. Instead I watch as she visibly ponders the question. Her eyes look to the sky, the skin around her nose wrinkles.

Then light. She figures it out on her own and a huge smile inches up her face.

So light shines here, I point at a flower. And it doesn't here, I point at the same flower, another petal. You see there is dark.

She is absorption squared to the point it is almost threatening, the mind of an eight year old.

Aunt Shea.

Yes, Jess.

Do you know what I want for my birthdayImeanChristmas?

What, baby?

A battery for my camera.

Sure thing, honey bun.

How cool would it be to feature pictures from her here on this site?
I think she would love it. We'll see.

Today I am grateful that my Dad took time to teach me.

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