Friday, September 7, 2012

pet service announcement

If there is no scarcity of love, if it is abundant is that why it can seem so cheap?

Silly was born from a shed. What could have been considered a cry for help was more likely is anyone out there. Though shy and mistaken for a kitten she was soon found to be all growed up. The tail and the ears is what gave her age away. If it wasn't for those parts you'd be fooled 'cause her body is stunted.

Hours after our introductions she jumped in my lap. 

I know what you're thinking. 
Yes, I fed her.
She was hungry.

Kim would say this is the danger of the country, all the animals who need you. She once saved a raccoon from a dumpster by giving him a ladder to climb. The last animal who walked up found herself in doggie daycare the next week. Kim couldn't just go to work and leave the dog there. The dog needed to learn to socialize with other animals.  Mark agreed. They already had three or four cats, a raccoon and a bird who lived with grandma.

Dude. The country people can't feed all the animals, ya' know the ones you don't want. Please. If you know someone who would possibly take a dog or a cat or a monkey or a chicken or any animal or their child or parent (let's just go ahead and cover the whole gambit) to the country and just drop them off then maybe suggest to them to not take on the responsibility of these living creatures. 

Bossy me is sending a memo to the world.

Date: Today
To: The World
From: Me

Do not abandon your animals in the country.

cc: Any other planets too.

A friend once told me he had all he could take care of right here and then dramatically waved his hand over his head. To that I nodded. It made me smile. Then I laughed, and I think thats why I liked him. I think it is nice to find who we are in this world though the process of becoming can be difficult.

Today I am very grateful for Silly the Purr-baby (her registered name but you can call her Silly).
Billy Sue, on the other hand, well, she's not used to sharing love. It may take her a moment.


Anonymous said...

Tell Billysue to beware of the coon dogs, the country aint a good place for english coon hounds

Shea Goff said...

Ain't that the truth, Anonymous. Billy Sue is only currently aware of a pack of dogs not far over who sound hungry for a hunt all through the night. Because of this and her repulsion to grass (she doesn't like to get her feet dirty) she only steps off the porch when encouraged.