Saturday, September 1, 2012

okay yeah maybe

In the alleged incident which is highly debated I could have possibly attempted to obtain certain services through a questionable means. It's just that if you know someone who may know someone who could maybe speak with someone to help you get what you think you need then you may take the opportunity to say something. In other words if Tom Waits was putting on another concert, possibly his last, and you were unable to get tickets the first five minutes they were on sale which is how long it took to sell the tickets then you may use any connection you have. The boy you crushed on in junior high who now works for a promotor, one of your brother's buddies who has a setup gig at the venue or a fourth cousin someone may have mentioned had perfected the art of scalping tickets.

No. I wish Tom Waits was having another tour 'cause I would do all those things to be favored with a ticket. Seriously. I would cut in line, pretend I was someone special or had cleaned someone special's toilet in order to see him. I felt the same way about obtaining internet in not so much a country like setting but this is country setting where signal is all about being limited. Thus, I may have could have possibly well hell yeah I did go to a certain establishment specializing in the frying of fish and hushpuppies and creating some of the most incredible desserts I've ever tasted to speak with someone on the down low hushed tones so and so sent me kind of request that was sure to ensure me  use of the world wide web from the desk where I now write to you.

Don't worry.
I am not special.
No favor here.
Later I'll go to Mom's to try and paste this to our wall which could be called a blog which though obviously influencing millions or just three people in such a positive manner is not in the top ten (billion) reasons we need internet.

Josh said I botched the whole thing and his impression of me made Slater laugh on a phone call last night. It was that moment I realized I needed to hear that guy laugh much more than I needed internet.

All the same if you know someone who knew someone who had a third cousin who worked for AT&T and could increase the gateway to the virtual by one single little please squeeze me in oh good gosh I'll just go to Mom's every morning and be grateful for that.

Also,  I am so very grateful to have a phone. That's a neat little contraption.


nan said...

Shea,I am so glad you are back.I don't know anybody, but if I did I would bring them. I love you.

Shea Goff said...

Love you too, Nan! Thank you for being here.