Thursday, September 20, 2012

meridian museum of art

The soundtrack is provided by Kelly Joe Phelps. His album Roll Away the Stone has become more of a chant which is nice since I've spent so much time looking for this place. I am at a building on a corner in a maze of one way streets.

Crossing the road with cars coming, I've been run over once. Going to a place outside your own can be scary but finally I'm in front of the building. I don't think to take a photo. Maybe it is one to take.

This is just what the doctor ordered. Put myself into outer space.

Sit Quietly by Pat L Brown in wax, graphite and letterpress on cotton

I am alone in the middle of a moving city. On these walls I am surrounded by the physical efforts of others as they express themselves. Not only talent but I see courage here and without courage I would say talent means little.

If there was a chance we all had a purpose could it be that some have one different from others?
possibly. likely. surely. of course.

Life by Teresa Rodriguez in collage with staples and found objects

Everything is Alright by Millie West in digital photograph

I enter the room to the right but can hear someone upstairs moving this way and that. The sound is busy but this room, this room is nice. If we can't still our mind then maybe in this place it whispers.

Bright Idea by Erin Hardin with oil on copper

What if we, deep down in the most center of us, knew we weren't bad humans?
Would that change us?

Today I am grateful for our museums, our artists. Sometimes it seems you can't walk down the street without bumping into one of these people.

Karen says there is a show this weekend in Como, and I wish I could see it. Photography, wildlife, a guy named Joe Mac makes it sound like my kind of place.


Anonymous said...

Amazing what people can see and do, the bright idea is unreal, compliments to the photojournalist.

Shea Goff said...

Yes, anonymous. The photos just can't do it justice.

(For a minute there I thought I didn't say anything about a photojournalist. Who is anonymous talking about? Then I realized it. Nice. Thank you. I feel kind of fancy with a title like that).