Friday, September 14, 2012

Mathis Produce, porch view

The brother and sister team who own Mathis Produce used to be teachers at a local school. He in biology, she history. They both quit their teaching jobs but neither stopped teaching. I don't think it would be a bad thing for the world to drop by.

When Slater calls I start thinking about science. I miss my late night physics class. Physics majors need not read another sentence further.  You people will be all, She's an idiot.

The rest of us, let's go there.
What is the case?

There is a finite supply of energy.
When one takes energy another loses it.
We should consider this when living in our world.

Is this right?

Or is there an infinite supply of energy because there is so much more than we have even yet to imagine? Measuring tapes not yet invented.

Everyday we think today I have it. I know everything.
this is what I'll say.
this is what I'll do.
Questioning our own reality would only get in the way.
Plus, that's for those physics students.
Has anyone seen any notes from those guys lately?
Has anyone heard from Slater?

and he's fine.

Today I am grateful for a phone call from my son.

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