Saturday, September 15, 2012

his wife's daughter

Someone please pass the jug of insulin. I'm fixin' to have some of Mrs. Benita Shirley's Hershey Cake.

The waitress is from a state over and Daddy would use this to justify a fair tip if he was paying though I believe some people wouldn't leave her a cent. Tonight we're trading her some money for information. A few things happen before we get it.

First Daddy and I have a discussion on how sometimes when we find ourselves in a negative situation which follows another negative situation we may need to find the constant in the equation. Sometimes we can blame things on others but some times we may have to look within ourselves. The latter process being the most difficult and complicated of course. Some people may even need to write it.

Then he introduces me to the owner's uncle as his wife's daughter. And I even say to the whole table and half the restaurant, Did you hear that? He don't claim me. Then we all laugh and really, it is funny. Daddy is trying to start a fight and I'm just the girl for it. In a fight with Daddy where I am free to choose from the fight or flight responses I actually giggle when he beats his chest. That's awful, isn't it?

After dinner and some barbing our waitress walks up to the table, hands us the check and gives us the information in the form of a smile and a tilt of the head when she looks at me and asks, Is that your Dad?

No, shaking my head, I'm his wife's daughter. The table chuckles. Mom's eyes sparkle.

I continue, Forty-two years old and the man never adopted me. I'm going in for the punch in the most serious tone I have but looking down at the table 'cause I can't help but grin.

The waitress looks at Mom and asks, Do you have others? 

There's a third fighter, a roundhouse kick.

Mom nods, the win is coming.

Daddy and I look at each other and then at Mom. She's beaming and Wyatt smiles her way, I have two more.

They all act like him? The waitress points at Dad but maintains eye contact with Mom, Bless your heart.

I think Mom and I laughed till tears ran down our faces. Dad was trying to hold back, acting like he didn't know. It was blinding, the whole thing so I congratulated that lady by telling her she had just insulted two people at the very same time and that took some skill.

Last night's community homecoming game went to the waitress but Mom was the MVP.

Today I am so very grateful to be his wife's daughter (and his as well).


Chantel said...

Oh, this made me smile so. Family rocks. (well, most of the time) :)

Shelby said...

That was hilarious. Also, Slater has possibly told you this, but he would like to judge the gumbo contest and requests that he would like it moved to November.

Shea Goff said...

Right on, Chantel. Sometimes I think we would only be breaths of air if not for our problems. Maybe family shows us that without ever letting us forget we are loved. I smiled because you smiled (those things are contagious).

Loved that you liked it, Shelby. I miss you. I'll try to talk to Slater and the whole gumbo crew and see if we can reschedule him or them or uh oh. Got my fingers crossed.

Shelby said...

I miss you too Ms. Shea and I know that it will get worked out somehow. Even if all he gets is the left overs. :) I hope you have a wonderful week