Sunday, September 9, 2012

great dane

Mustang Sally likes to nuzzle at the Causeyville General Store

There is a dirt road up some and to the right, a church on a hill to the left. You see those trees over there, they now cover what was my playground. That road leads to a burial site, one as a child I considered holy. I fantasized Native Americans had been buried there and in some type of ceremony had blessed the ground. A perfect circle in the middle of a field, another one in the trees to the north past the fence. In those places I was alone but never felt that way. Adult me could call child me silly but I love her for her faith.

Today I am so very grateful to find things about myself I love. sometimes that can be harder than we ever thought. still it can be done.

In the what's next section of why not? let's just do it there are some special events to report.

Today's lunch is a crock pot chicken spaghetti, recipe via Kim. Cole slaw and green beans on the side. The bread has to be fried since I don't think I have an oven (here's where Dad asks, Have you even checked to see if the pilot light is still lit? And I respond, I like to live in denial of gas being ignited by fire). The special unexpected don't eat too much 'cause she didn't make dessert is a cake prepared by someone who could turn a nonbeliever into a believing one, when the taste of a cake silences the dining room table and becomes more of a spiritual experience than an eating one.

September 28th & 29th is the Clarke County Wildlife Festival where good friendly people will come together in celebration of all that is wild in this neck of the woods. If you come don't drive too fast, a whitetail deer is likely to be using that same road.  The squirrels throw pecans, hogs should be feared, dove are especially beautiful when wrapped in bacon and possums, most of us don't cook those.

In October there'll be a private affair. You gotta know someone in the know to get in on this one. A first annual sibling v sibling gumbo cook off.  There will be more to report. Right now we're looking for judges.

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