Wednesday, September 26, 2012


When we looked up.

Due to the advances of we know who's calling he answers the phone with a Hey instead of a Hello. I don't know what miss mind your manners would say. It's been a while since she was talking. There have been a few advances in the field of how our voices travel and maybe some phone etiquette got lost in the ether.

Hey, Baby. I just like he answers the phone and love I am a Hey instead of a Hello. Slater Goff speaking. It feels like I'm a friend or at least a Mom. We already got past the formalities.

How are you?
Good. And you?
I'm good, baby. So school?
It's good. Just coming back from the store right now.

We talk about his roommate who I've never met but loved what he had done with the apartment. Also, he cooks. like a rockstar. So there's that.

And it's Slater's voice. It really is good. I can tell he's smiling and it's equivalent to he's breathing.
Which is important since I'm going to go for a little trip, a hop skip and jump, a turn up the music and roll down the windows, Perdido Key bound.

If you come here because you love and I love then you may notice I am gone.
If you notice I am gone then you'll see nothing is wrong or everything is but
I'll be taking pictures for you as I dance by the ocean.

Hey. you. how 'bout we meet back here next Monday or Tuesday?

Today I am grateful for friendship, for sitting on the balcony, for sand between the toes and for the smell of the wind on the ocean.


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