Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Word Face II ~ Cindy Aune

There is a tightening of the muscles I didn't even know I still had in my abdomen. These moments are why we need distractions. You tell me a story because I'm having a problem stomaching mine. It's five thirty and I haven't eaten anything so I heat up a spinach souffle.

Word Face I ~ Cindy Aune

I should have taught him to eat better, take better care of himself. I could have done better at that. He's smart though. He knows. He may just do it despite me (think that's what I've been counting on).

Now I realize why I was drawn to Cindy Aune's work. I think it is the honesty of those faces, that sometimes we say shit. we're scared, frightened like a child who tries to jump from the doorway to the bed just in case someone under there will grab her legs.

Matted Word Faces ~ Cindy Aune $65

I feel selfish.
disappointed that he could live without me.
fearful that he can't because I didn't tell him something important.
paralyzed by the thought we're losing something.
guilt because I could have done better.

Then he smiles, tells me he loves me and gives me a hug.
He is good.
This is the Publisher's Clearing House of raising a kid.

Today I am grateful for art, for Cindy Aune and for all those times as a child I practiced jumping from the door to the bed.


Chantel said...

"This is the Publisher's Clearing House of raising a kid."

My eldest was off to band camp the last eight days. We drove up to pick up his trunk and tuba last night. When I walked in the cabin to find his bunk made, his shoes neatly at the foot, and his trunk packed--and surveyed the tornado that made up the rest of the room (eight 13 yr-old boys without a mother for a week in the woods), I nearly was perhaps not Publishers, but some lovely confirmation indeed!

Shea Goff said...

That is so great. Slater played tuba as well. I can just picture your boy there. Good for him and you, Chantel.