Monday, August 13, 2012

we're all lab rats

Spring Afternoon

Subject one calls to apologize which is weird since I never thought I needed an apology.
It is not going as well as I would have hoped for her, but that's common huh.
we always hope more for people.

Subject two says he tells everyone he's had sex with me.
This is not a problem and a common phenomenon.
most men who have had sex with me would refuse to admit it.
(less gold medal, more certificate of participation)

Subject three sends me something about the dollar blowing up, being destroyed.
bursting into a flame in my purse.
I look up economist Friedrich Hayek and read about his life.
This is not fun.
It is serious on a Sunday.

Subject four walks in. He's smiling, two days off.
There is someone he doesn't like at work. He claims incompetency.
Then he laughs.
Then he argues with me, critiques the writing and we laugh some more.
Tuesday he moves into his own place.
I will miss him.

Subject five hangs on my every word.
I am the boss and source of her food. She stands in between subject four and subject six.
Her favorite show is Modern Family. (seems that she has a thing for Phil)
An empty Sprite bottle is the best toy.
She has to sleep with me and thinks I am the bomb.

Subject six sometimes struggles with the things she wants to do and things she does.
All in all she thinks life is pretty funny.

Today I am grateful for the ways our shoulders touch.


Chantel said...

I so dig subject six. Oh, and I think five is adorable....

Shea Goff said...